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The Science House Express

The Science House Express

Enjoy our new K-12 virtual STEM content for teachers, parents, and students.

Here’s what to expect

Mondays – Selected Science Resources for teachers and parents.

Wednesdays – A Virtual Science Activity for K-12 students.

Fridays – Fun Interviews with expert scientists.

Each Science Express week has a different theme.

The Science House Express Archive

Week 1: It IS Rocket Science!

Week 2: Data Data EVERYWHERE!

Week 3: Fun with Food Science: Enzymes!

Week 4: Citizen Science!

Week 5: Science Communication

Week 6: Light: magic or Science?

Week 7: Water Science

Week 8: LEDs

Week 9: Physics from the Junk Drawer

Week 10: From Garbage to Groceries

Week 11: Optics

Week 12: Color Chemistry

Week 13: Polymers

Week 14: Composting

Week 15: Sizing Up the Solar System