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Biome Robotics

Program Overview

The Science House (TSH) is using the motivational effects of robotics and robotics competitions to inspire and excite future generations of researchers, engineers, and scientists. Biome Robotics consists of two robotics teams, Tundrabots (#7083) and TaigaBots (#18190) that helps students learn science, math, mechanics, teamwork, and management skills. TSH outfitted its space with a range of technologies, tools, and materials to support students in designing, building, and programming robots.

Team Practice Session


7 – 12

Program Format:

Bi-weekly team meetings at The Science House (6 – 9 pm Mondays and Thursdays), with scrimmage and competition tournaments locally and (if teams qualify) at the state, regional, and national level. Other meetings may occur on Saturdays as needed.


The Science House, North Carolina State University


Biome Robotics teams are will be mostly funded by individual team registration fees and donations.


Please contact Kent Lupino for more information.