VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSE – Catalyst: Creating Opportunities in STEM for Students with Disabilities

Grade Level(s): Rising 9th - 12th graders

Date(s): February 18th @ 7 pm

Location: Google Meets:

Cost: Free for Open House (Only $50 for students admitted to the program).

Description: Come learn more about Catalyst! This program is for High School Students with disabilities who are in the Occupational Course of Study Program or Regular Education Setting in High School, including Honors and AP Classes (not self-contained or needing a One on One Assistant), but prefer small group individualized instruction with hands on science experiences to learn about STEM.

Participants will learn about STEM content, skills, and careers. They will also find out about STEM programs at Wake Tech and NCSU. Areas of focus include: Biotechnology, Coding, App Design, Wearable Devices, Energy, Engineering, Art, Natural Sciences, Agriculture, Forestry, Space, Soft Skills, and many other topics. Students will daily go on a Field Trips including to: research labs, North Carolina Natural Science Museum, industry and field sites.

Learn more about Catalyst from the Links below:

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Catalyst InvenTeam brings high-level STEM to students with disabilities

Contact(s): Joann Blumenfeld at:, 919-633-3120

Application Deadline: February 17, 2021