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Latest Past Events

Synthetic Biology Teacher Workshop

NC State Thomas Hall, Raleigh

This five-day-long workshop for biology teachers will provide hands-on training in basic recombinant DNA technology and synthetic biology. Workshop participants will employ mini-versions of standard laboratory equipment to implement a…

Taking Flight (Imhotep Academy)

The Science House 909 Capability Drive (Suite 1200), Raleigh

It’s time to soar with Imhotep Academy! Taking Flight will explore the mathematical principles of aeronautics, including lift, thrust, and drag. Students will put their learning to the test when…

Kyran Anderson Academy

The Science House 909 Capability Drive (Suite 1200), Raleigh

Kyran Anderson Academy is a one-week summer enrichment program for rising third through sixth graders designed to enhance students’ enthusiasm and preparation for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) with a particular…