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NC First Lady, Commerce Secretary Visit Science House

They met with students in the Catalyst program, which focuses on creating opportunities in STEM for high school students with disabilities.

“I came to this workshop burned out and contemplating a career change. I came with the intention of returning with lessons to help me finish out the year with my fifth graders so that I could move on to something else, but I am leaving with so much more. I learned and remembered so much. I had lost sight of how much fun teaching can and should be. This workshop has refueled my passion to continue to love, inspire and educate children in all walks of life despite the stress of living and teaching through a pandemic. I will be forever grateful for this experience, the friends and professional connections I have made, and the professional knowledge that I have acquired.” -a 5th Grade Teacher

The Science House has provided innovative programs to K-12 teachers and students across the state of North Carolina since 1991 and its extension and diversity efforts annually reach over 4,000 teachers and administrators and over 200,000 students directly and indirectly through its many programs. 

The Science House in Action

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