Virtual K-12 Citizen Science Challenge

What Students Do

Working independently as an individual or a member of a team (virtually), spend the next two months (May and June) participating in a Citizen Science project of your choice and submit a short 90 second or less video highlighting your process and results. Prizes will be awarded!!!

  • Search for a Citizen Science project at SciStarter
  • Pick a project to participate in.
  • Be able to describe:
    • The science question(s) that are being asked in the project.
    • What you think you’ll learn by participating in the project.
    • Why you’re excited about the project.
  • Make sure you have all the equipment, materials, and supplies you need to participate in the project.
  • Learn any new skills you will need to participate (e.g. identifying species, measuring using the metric system, data analysis, etc.)
  • Do the Citizen Science Project:
    • Make sure you do a great job and follow the steps carefully so that your data is accurate.
    • Keep a science notebook to journal notes on what you are doing, learning, and wondering each day. Especially write down any questions you have.
    • Make sure you are collecting and recording all of your data in your science notebook.
  • Create a 90 second or less video showcasing the citizen science project you participated in. Videos are due Friday, July 10, 2020 by midnight. Information to include in your video may include:
    • Name and describe the citizen science project including what science questions were asked;
    • Why you chose the particular project;
    • What steps you followed and what you needed to carry out the project;
    • What type(s) of data you collected and how they will help answer the science questions being asked;
    • Anything interesting you saw in the data you collected or learned while doing the project;
    • At least one question you had while participating, and how you might go about answering;
    • Any findings/conclusions from participating in the project;
    • What would you do differently next time you participate in a citizen science project?
    • CREATIVITY is strongly encouraged and expected.
  • Upload your video on YouTube and use hashtag #virtualcitscichallenge. Your YouTube account would need to be public for us to see it. 

What Teachers, Parents, or Sponsors Do

  • Submit a sign-up form online to register your student/child or team for the virtual citizen science challenge;
  • Assist your student or team in the final submission of the video.

What You Need to Know

The citizen science challenge is open to any student in grades K–12. Homeschoolers may participate. There are four grade categories: K–2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12. In each category, projects may be submitted by individuals or teams composed of 1–4 students. All the students on a team must be in the same grade category. Registration and video submission are due by 11:59 p.m. ET July 10. Winners will be notified by August 7, 2020.

Contestants will upload a video on their own YouTube channel and use a contest hashtag (#virtualcitscichallenge) that we will use to track submissions. Your YouTube account would need to be public for us to see it.  We will then search for the hashtag and save videos to a playlist called “Virtual K-12 Citizen Challenge.” We will send more information in June to all contestants that sign up!!

Sign up HERE!