Entrepreneurship Science Technology Engineering Art Math

Program Overview:

ESTEAM: Building Confidence Today for the STEM Careers of Tomorrow is an annual event for 7th grade students of western North Carolina. The single-gender events allow students to participate in an adult-like conference in which they experience hands-on, informative sessions from local professionals working in related ESTEAM fields.

ESTEAM also includes a teacher professional development component during the student conference days. Teachers will be offered the opportunity to take part in a STEM to Your Doorstep mini-workshop. Participants will explore the use of Vernier equipment that is available for check out from the Mountain Satellite Equipment Loan program. Teachers, adults, chaperones, etc. will receive 0.4 CEU’s for professional development and will then be able to utilize all aspects of the Equipment Loan program to enhance their classroom instruction.

The ESTEAM Expo is open to the general public from 10-3 and is free to the public and will include interactive and demonstration booths, student programs, institutes of higher education and local businesses that promote local ESTEAM opportunities and careers for students.

*The teacher professional development and Expo will not take place during ESTEAM 2017.

Contact the ESTEAM Steering Committee at wnc.esteam@gmail.com for general program details.


7th Grade Students


September 22, 2017


Southwestern Community College 


If you are interested in volunteering or acting as a mentor for the student events, contact Michelle Benigno at mtbenign@ncsu.edu If you are interested in offering donations (food, prizes or swag for the students,) contact Michelle Benigno at mtbenign@ncsu.edu. ESTEAM professionals interested in being a session presenter at the single-gender events should contact Summer Cortinas at scortinas@ncbionetwork.org.

Program Sponsors:

If you would like to make a financial donation to support ESTEAM Week, please contact Teresa Cowan at thcowan@ncsu.edu.