The RISE Project Pricing Guide

Transforming your school takes a real investment.  Now is the time to RISE up and be the change you want to see in the world!

Join the RISE project and transform your schools culture to meet the needs of EVERY Student by receiving: 

  • Customized Professional development 
  • ALL facility fees and parking covered
  • Overnight accommodations for 3-day sessions and one day sessions if the school is more than 200 miles from the PD location 
  • Food and snacks at EVERY event 
  • Materials and supplies for events
  • Resources for site assessments and building a culture of innovation
  • Facilitator Travel
  • 12 days of DIRECT service 
  • Ongoing consulting services for the 2020-21 school year


Total cost: $15,000


“Bowman Middle School is simply grateful for the RISE program! This program has pulled our staff together and increased cooperation across all grade levels and content areas. Not only has the morale of the faculty improved, but we have grown as professionals and we have increased the level of individual ownership in the systemic culture of our school.”

-- Paula Holder, Principal

"The RISE program has been some of the most adaptive, strongest professional development I have participated in. Ben and Michelle meet the needs of our school perfectly as we transition into a STEAM magnet school in 2020-21. Not many professional development programs alter for the needs of their individual participants. I would recommend this to any school or organization looking for high quality science and PBL programs at their school."

--Shane Chinni, Ed.D., 3rd Grade Teacher

“I have really appreciated the support of the RISE staff during our school's time of transition. The professional learning has been timely and relevant as we begin our journey to becoming a STEAM² Magnet School. RISE staff conducted site visits, coaching sessions, staff development and shared other opportunities throughout the state to grow our understanding of PBL and STEM.”

-- Channing Bennett, Principal