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Customized Local Workshops

Schools and/or school systems can work with the director of the satellite office to customize a workshop to meet a variety of STEM needs.

Contact Michelle Benigno to develop your program.

  • Curriculum Implementation
    • Specialized training on adopted curriculum
    • Training on how to integrate the curriculum into pacing guides and content standards
    • Facilitated planning and coaching sessions
  • STEM Tools
    • Training on a variety of technologies and tools to enhance STEM programs
  • 3D Printing
    • Training on how to use 3D printers and design items for printing
  • Makey Makey
    • Training on Makey Makey use
  • Science Olympiad 101
    • Open to current coaches, persons considering starting a team, etc.
  • “On the Go” curriculum kit training
    • Kits available through the MSO equipment loan program (ELP)
      • 4th grade – Forces, Matter and Basic Forms of Energy
      • 5th grade – Forces and Motion
      • 7th grade – Forces and Motion
      • 8th grade – Properties of Change
  • Literacy Integration and Using STEM to Enhance Literacy Session
    • Literacy Strategies and STEM enrichment
  • M3 (Making Mathematics Meaningful) Session/Coaching
    • Investigations and Connected Mathematics training/coaching
  • Engineering Your Classroom: Using the Design Cycle to Engineer Lessons
    • Using the engineering design cycle to make any content STEM focused
  • Framework Session
    • PBL (Problem-based, Place-based, Project-based Learning)
    • CBL (Case-based Learning)
    • Open to all grade levels and content areas
  • STEM to Your Doorstep
    • Training on the use and integration of Vernier interfaces and probeware
    • Enables educators to participate in the Equipment Loan Program