PhysicsPhest 2019

Grade Level(s): K-12

Date(s): November 9, 2019

Location: NC State’s Main Campus: Riddick Hall

Cost: Free


Our one day event will feature talks by our very own Faculty. The event will also include a selection of activities for science lovers of all ages, including hands-on demos and our famous Physics Demo Show!  Also, this year we will have our Science Comedian, Brian Malow, to share science comedy for faculty, friends, and families. Check out the schedule below for further details:

Time Length Where Speaker What Title
10:00 AM 20 min 301 Paul Huffman Kickoff Welcome! What is Physics?
10:20 AM 25 min 301 Parminder Kaur Talk Mitochondria: Your Powerhouse!
10:45 AM 25 min 301 Dan Dougherty Does Everything have a Temperature?
11:10 AM 25 min 301 TBD Nobel Prize Talk
11:35 AM 25 min Kent Leung To see a world in a grain of sand: what the neutron can tell us about the mysteries of the Universe
12:00 PM 1 hour Hearth Staff Lunch Chipotle
12:00 PM 3 hours Hearth/314 Keith Heyward Demos Multiple stations
12:00 PM 3 hours 315 Staff Videos Physics Videos loop
1:00 PM 1 hour 301 Brian Malow Humor Earth’s Premier Science Comedian!
2:00 PM 1 hour Keith Heyward Demo Famous Physics Demo Show!
3:00 PM 1 hour 301 Jackie Krim Keynote Energy Efficiency and Climate Change


Lodging: A block of rooms are being held at the Brownstone Hotel under the name of: PhysicsPhest. Please use the information below to take advantage of the exclusive rate we have secured for our Physics Alumni and Family!

Group Name: Physics Phest
Group Code: PHY
Check-in: 7-NOV-2019
Check-out: 10-NOV-2019
Hotel Name: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Raleigh – Brownstone – University
Hotel Address: 1707 Hillsborough Street
Raleigh, North Carolina
Phone Number: 9195822871

Guests, Please contact the hotel where your group event is booked for all other questions concerning your stay.

Contact(s): Ashley Dyer (

Application Deadline: no deadline. just show up!