Environment and Genetics: The Science Connection- NCCAT Ocracoke

Grade Level(s): 3-12

Date(s): November 8-12, 2020

Location: NCCAT Ocracoke, NC

Cost: Free if selected

Description: Our physical, psychological, and emotional wellbeing are interconnected. Through experiential lessons learn about the latest research on the connection between our environment and our genetics. Participants will study light, circadian rhythms, genetics, body systems, macromolecules, and more found in science standards grades 3—12. Literacy, science, and social studies will be featured in our activities as we discover how to make science standards applicable to our students’ lives.

Register at NCCAT.org. Registration should be available for all NCCAT's Fall sessions very soon.


Contact(s): Michelle Benigno (828-206-3014/mtbenign@ncsu.edu)

Application Deadline: