These activities came from
teacher training workshops that have been offered by The Science House since the early nineties. Many teachers have taken the workshops and have applied the activities in their own classrooms – from first grade to high school.

We believe
that students should be involved in active learning in which the teacher acts as a guide, not an answer machine. However, to be a good guide, the teacher has to have the road map in her/his head. So, these activities include directions for doing the activities, suggestions on finding materials and a little background on the science involved.

We realize that there are no new science demonstrations
under the sun. Many of these are things that you may have seen before in another format. The point of this book is to assemble these in a rational format that encourages you, as a teacher or student, to try them out. A science demonstration in a book is useless until someone actually does it and uses the experience to help their understanding.

The Science House
is a science and mathematics learning outreach program of the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences at North Carolina State University. The mission of The Science House is to work in partnership with K-12 teachers to emphasize the use of hands-on learning activities in mathematics and science classes. The Science House provides a variety of in-service training and enrichment activities that reach teachers and students across North Carolina.

For hints and advice
on performing demonstrations and sharing activities, please read ‘Activities and Demonstrations‘ before performing the activities.