Appendix B - Chemicals Used in Countertop Chemistry

MSD Sheets should be present for these materials.

Chemicals found mainly in chemical supply houses:

copper wire or foil
guar gum
lead nitrate
magnesium wire
phenol red
phenolphthalein solution (1%)
silver nitrate
sodium hydroxide
sodium phosphate
zinc (mossy)
zinc sulfate

Chemicals found in grocery/hardware/pool or agricultural supply stores:

acetic acid (vinegar) – grocery

aluminum foil – grocery

aqueous ammonia – grocery

bathroom cleaner (Formula 409™) – grocery

Borax™ – grocery

calcium carbonate (chalk)- school supply

calcium chloride- hardware/auto supply

club soda- grocery

copper sulfate- pool supply

corn starch- grocery

cream of tartar (potassium acid tartrate) – grocery

dark corn syrup- grocery

Dawn™ dishwashing detergent- grocery

dry ice- grocery

Elmer’s Glue All™- grocery

ethanol (Everclear) ABC store

food coloring – grocery

glycerine- grocery

hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid) -hardware/pool supply

hydrogen peroxide (3%)- grocery

ice- grocery

lemon juice – grocery

light corn syrup – grocery

lime (CaO)- agricultural supply

M&M™ candies – grocery

magnesium sulfate heptahydrate epsom salts) – grocery

milk- grocery

milk of magnesia – grocery

orange juice- grocery

red or blue lamp oil- grocery

sodium carbonate (washing soda)- grocery

sodium hydrogen carbonate- grocery

soft drinks — grocery

steel wool – grocery

sucrose – grocery

vanilla extract – grocery

vegetable oil- grocery


whipping cream – grocery

Windex™ – grocery

yeast – grocery