Duke Energy Grant

The Science House Receives Duke Energy Foundation Grant


April 22, 2019

The Science House, which focuses on K-12 outreach for the College of Sciences at NC State University, is pleased to be a 2019 Duke Energy Foundation grant recipient. A $15,000 Powerful Communities award will support STEM enrichment experiences for the Catalyst program. “We believe programs like Catalyst help our communities to grow and produce skilled workers who bring new thinking and innovations to our industry and our state,” said Marty Clayton, Duke Energy district manager.

Catalyst was established in 2015 to provide supplemental STEM education opportunities for high school students with disabilities. The program’s goals are to prepare students to earn postsecondary STEM credentials, to reduce unemployment among people with special needs and to increase the supply of highly-qualified STEM workers in North Carolina and the nation.

Joann Blumenfeld, who serves as the Catalyst program director, said, “Duke Energy recognizes the importance of building a strong, inclusive workforce in North Carolina and we are happy that we can partner together to develop the pipeline for scientists and engineers to make the future brighter for everyone.”

“We are honored that the Duke Energy Foundation decided to invest in Catalyst,” added Dr. Jason Painter, The Science House’s director. “The funding provides valuable resources to meet STEM education needs in North Carolina and to reach a student population that tends to be underserved.”

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